What is tomorrow?

It’s the first day of school! Kate will be going into the first grade and Reilly into third grade. Wow. Amazing. Time does really fly.

We took them all school shopping last weekend and bought them each a couple things. An outfit or two and then some basics. Kate told me, I want to look like Sharpay on my first day of school. I came close to heading out of the Gap and directly over to Carter’s after she said that! But I refrained and took her to the sale rack instead. I figured a few summer things that were left over couldn’t be so bad. HA… just kidding. I steered Kate to black pants, white shirts or solid shirts/tanks and she chose a jean jacket. Basically it’s how I dress but it’s WAY cuter on her, for whatever reason.

She did shun anything that wasn’t fitted and just draped over her. Not such a bad thing but crazy that a child has taste like that at 6.

Reilly found his outfit at Old Navy. He went right to the skinny jeans and was proud to tell me he found “Super Skinny”. I chuckle to think that he likes his clothes so fitted, at least on the bottom – his shirts are always big. Not sure where his taste came from since all Shad’s stuff is baggy. It’s super cute though, I have to admit.

Shea, well I bought her as little as I could since she has bins full of awesome clothes. She got a sweater and two dresses and was as happy as could be.

We will see how tomorrow goes. So sad that summer is over…. it’s been a great one!



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