On the First Day of First Grade

Betsy Hansen - NH
First Day of School

Reilly and Kate were excited to wear their new clothes. Reilly was pretty mindful of the fact he was now one of the “bigger” kids at the bus stop. Kate listened intently as he told her the protocol of her chickie name tag she decorated and how she

Betsy Hansen - NH
Nannie and the kids waiting for the bus

should behave. They were comfortable having each other so it was good. But, wow, Kate is in first grade. I can NOT believe how fast it goes. Everyone always tells you how fast but… then again… everyone who has walked your path before you advises based on their journey. Some you believe and some you just can’t understand until it’s your own journey. This is one of those things. It seems surreal that Shea is next and that Kate has already begun what seemed to be just Reilly’s path… Incredible.

The side effect of me noticing how quickly this is going is tolerance. Although I still hate the normal annoying things – whining, complaining and lying BUT generally speaking I find myself trying to treasure things that I just didn’t have the wisdom to treasure before. Thankfully I’m starting to figure some of these things out before it’s no longer an option.

Kate got off the bus and I asked how her teacher was and what she thought. “She was nice, I didn’t talk very much”.

Reilly, same question, before I even got it out of my mouth I heard “Mrs Schedin Rocks”.

Not bad… not bad for the first day.


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