Circle Tri

Circle Triathlon
Circle Triathlon

We had a great time at the Circle Triathlon in Ashland NH today. It was a fundraiser for an organization that mentors young girls. Monica and I did the one in the morning and Owen and Reilly did the “Rattlesnake Race” a bit later. Our race was good, 1/4 mile swim on Little Squam, 12 miles of HILLY HILLY riding with spectacular views, and a run with a little dam crossing which was great to break it up. Reilly’s was 50 yd swim, 1.4 mile run, 1/2 mile run. I love that Reilly enjoys these races, he is already planning his first official sprint distance. He’s got a way to go since this summer his races have been a couple mile ride at best and not even a mile run.

Whatever next season brings we’ll see. I was so proud of him today – he swam great and was one of the first out of the water, his bike was strong and he’s just plain rockin’. Good job Rye!! I get all choked up when I watch him, I am just so proud that he wants to take on such a challenge at such a young age! It’s so awesome.

I also find that events that have kids events with them are just so welcoming and this one was no different. The staff was great


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