Leaky Goggles

Betsy Hansen
How should my goggles fit?

Shea doesn’t really understand that the goggles are supposed to keep the water out of your eyes. As she goes under, they fill up. Imagine that.

We have been swimming a lot this summer and are continuing as long as possible because Shad and I are both training. I should say Shad is training and I’m just trying to fit exercise in. Shad and Chris are doing the Beach2Battleship Race in October. It’s Ironman distance – but can’t technically be called an Ironman because that is a brand. Either way it’s a 2.4 mile swim, 112 bike and a 26.2 run. Crazy. He is really in the best shape he has ever been in, so I believe this is his year. I encouraged him to sign up and my encouragement was emphasized because in Chris he has a friend and a training partner. It’s a LOT of training and I wouldn’t want him to go at it alone. Six more weeks till race time.


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