Learning to Sew…

Betsy Hansen - NH
Not so funny bunny

I should really address the sewing thing head-on. It’s really not my thing. I think it’s been since I sewed my finger to the duffle bag I was making in HomeEc class in seventh grade. Who knew the needle could go ALL the way through if you don’t pay attention. It was a tough lesson to learn since I didn’t admit it because I thought I would get a failing grade. Try putting that one in your closet of skeletons!

So, I pretty much have made it by without sewing a thing other than a button here or there. I have “outsourced” to family and friends. However, between Daisy patches for Kate’s troop and Menlo the backlog is a bit much.

Thankfully, Menlo’s damage is often over the top of what can be fixed. Imagine the bunny to the left with his face sewn shut. He wouldn’t have any eyes, nose or mouth. So, for him, I was off the hook. For the patches, well, you know from an earlier post that Kate will be “taking a break” from the Daisy saga so I guess I bought myself some more time on that one too!

Then there was Pin Pin, Shea’s love of her life. He was left on the floor and our little friend Menlo found him. Ugh. Menlo ate the tag off the bottom from in between the legs and chewed some of the material as well. Thankfully all the limbs and face were left in tact. Being the sympathetic Mom that I am I decided to take the “lesson learned” attitude with Shea upon discovering Pin Pin’s injuries. I felt sooooo bad but it was probably best not to contribute to her shock and misery on the matter. I pulled a “Jan” (my Mom) and said “well, that’s what happens when you don’t pick up your things”. At some level I hated myself for doing that because it would have been fun to scoop her up and commiserate with her. Thankfully her siblings had the presence to be my substitute, at least one of them, and they consoled her.

In comes Mrs Winslow, our dear friend. She brought a sewing kit, many different color threads – Pin Pin used to be pink but now he’s more of a disgusting gray. She sat down with Shea and they picked out the thread color(s) together. She opted for multiple colors and Pin Pin now has a beautiful suture line that connects all the parts in between his legs. Really. I’m serious, see for yourself below. Shea, to my amazement accepted this as her new friend, and brought him right up to her bed when his “operation” was complete.

Betsy Hansen - NH
Operations and thread color are serious things....

Since that day Mrs Winslow has sutured another “friend” too.


One thought on “Learning to Sew…

  1. I love Mrs. Winslow!! and Mrs. Lydon!! They taught all three of my children so many wonderul skills! Them is good people 🙂

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