Movie Night

The Girl Scouts have a “bring a friend” movie night. Typically I don’t even share the information unless I know for a fact we or anyone will participate. Having been gone all week this typical filter didn’t happen. So, when I got home Kate was excited to tell me that she was going to movie night and she was going to bring her friend Rya. I went along with it and thought I needed to call Monica to see if Rya could join Kate. I made the call this morning but aside from Mother’s discussing over email, the plan had not yet been solidified.

Shad stopped at their house to see if she wanted to come and we thought we should pick up Owen too so Reilly had a playdate as well. I got a call from Shad the Rya needed a little encouragement from Kate. Kate got on the phone and asked Rya to come, I only heard Kate’s side (Kate and Shad heard Rya’s).

“Do you want to go to the movies with me?”


“It will be fun.”

“There will be lots of girls”

“But, why?”

“We can have popcorn.”

“Yes, you like popcorn.”


Kate went upstairs with the phone, only to come down 90 seconds later sobbing. “Rya doesn’t want to come!!!” Why? “I don’t know she said she doesn’t like popcorn, she doesn’t want to go with me, she wants to stay home.”

She came over and hugged me, sobbing. I hugged her back.

Reilly, being supportive as he is:

“Kate, I wouldn’t normally say this BUT I actually feel really bad for you.”



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