Rocks in My Pockets

Shea has a fascination with rock collecting. I vaguely remember the others having an obsession but it was short-lived. I draw the line at rock collecting though because they end up in pockets and end up in the washer or dryer. The rocks are the reason the machines are dented!! The pens are why they are colored. The chapstick is why there are oil stains and the stickers are why there are gummed patches but hey… these are probably not the worst things.

Needless to say Shea gifted a small rock to me this morning and asked me to take it. I told her I wanted to keep it outside with all the other rocks… she insisted it be carefully placed on the dresser. Shea followed that up with “and I have one for Reilly, and Kate, and Nannie, and Daddy oh and can we mail one to Kasey?”

When she left for school I picked up a jacket off the floor, noticed it’s extreme weight and felt the pockets. Not only did I find 17 rocks I found a small boulder in her pocket too. I wonder how long she lugged all the rocks around!


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