Mind Over Matter

Betsy Hansen Photography
I dig my BFF!

Today, like many days, Reilly woke up saying he didn’t feel well. Nine times out of 10 it’s his stomach that bugs him. Seven time out of nine breakfast is the answer, the other two tend to be fiber related.

It was around 6am he came in with a stomach ache. I knew it was different. He wanted to sleep on the bathroom floor and he did. About 45 minutes later he woke up and sat on the toilet and said he thought he was going to puke. None of the above happened. Just stomach pains… at about 7:15am he looked up and saw the Elf on the Shelf looking at him since he was perched on the light fixture. Although this got a good belly laugh out of him, he asked to stay home. To test him, I said “if you stay home Owen can not sleep over tonight and you can not watch tv during the day.” Of course he rallied and got ready for school – not before dry heaving in the bathroom. Looked like spit and bile to me so I didn’t worry just had him eat something.

Fast forward to late night. A friend shared with me that she heard “Reilly puked on the bus”. When I inquired with him he said “yah…. I puked in the trash can but then I was fine all day.” I said “these are things Mom’s and Dad’s want to know” and he said “Well, I was fine because I wanted Owen to sleep over.

Wow… should we all have a BFF like Owen đŸ™‚ and a crazy Mom that only gives those options!


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