Growing Up

It sucks watching your parents age. It is a multi-faceted thing to think about, their aging means I am “growing” and the kids are “growing”. Time is passing and it’s filling itself with “activities” more than ever before. Monday was supposed to be a girls day with my Mom and my sister Kate… oddly my Dad was sick so the day was amended to stay close to him. He had some severe stomach flu that sent his blood sugar over 500 (he is diabetic) and ended him up in the ER. At the ER we learned that he had in fact not only been suffering from dehydration and extremely high blood sugars he had suffered a heart attack too. It was like my Mom and my Dad got the wind knocked out of them when the doctor said that. He told my Dad there was nothing he could have done to prevent where he ended up and he was an incredibly strong man for enduring what he endured that morning.

My Dad has fought illness so much of his life, he does NOT complain about anything. He can be in so much pain and he doesn’t share. His body is fighting with him and he is fighting it and tries so hard to stay ahead where he can. It’s amazing to me what he endures. Anyway, one thing has led to another and he is in ICU waiting to be moved to Manchester to be in the cardio unit. I find that these types of things in life get you pause, if even only for a moment, to think about what is important in life. If more than a moment, instances like these make you think about what you do in life, how you spend your time, what you worry about and what you shouldn’t even give an ounce of energy to. Although many times the reaction it’s temporary it does allow you to sit back and assess.

I want Christmas with my Dad and when they asked him how he felt about a DNR I was relieved when he told them he wanted to be around a few more years. I would like to think it’s a lot more than a few.

It’s a blessing to have the family I have. My brothers both dropped/rearranged everything to be there for both my Mom and my Dad. My sister was with me from the get-go and everyone’s spouses support what each of the kids did. We are one of the lucky families in that way… across the board.

All I gotta say right now, is get well Dad!



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