Home Sweet Home

Dad came home from the hospital yesterday with a good prognosis. Funny how a week of life comes and goes so fast and how quickly things can change. I’m so happy he’s home and hanging in there. Phew.

When in the hospital the doc asked, in the presence of Mom, Kate (sis), and me, if he would like to be resuscitated should something happen to him. He panned the room, looking from each of us then back to the doc where he replied “Yup, bring me back. I want to be here for a few more years.”

I was glad to hear that… I love my Dad so much and I don’t like imagining the day when I can’t just call him to chat or ask a question, share a work story or just bounce stuff off. He rocks and I know so much of my personality is threaded with his… I’m proud of that part of me.


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