Massage in Church

We arrived late today at church, I know… SHOCK! We were about 5 minutes late which at this time of year means a seat in the front only. We paraded up to the front with the entire congregation sitting … so drawing attention to ourselves. Walk proud I think, and hope that the kids don’t start talking or fighting or something. We shuffle into row #2 and my eyes meet the priests. Ugh. I get involved immediately and make certain the kids are behaving (my three and Reilly’s friend Owen). The spotlight is definitely on me, or so it feels that way.

About 5 minutes later I remove my jacket. I am doing some kid management but for the most part everyone is behaving. Shea stands on the kneeler in front of me and is facing me. I have this awesome (in my opinion) faux fur vest on and Shea brushed it with her hand. It’s soft, she really liked it. She starts rubbing… down by my pocket … slowly her hands move up. In just a matter of seconds I’m getting a full on breast massage and seconds later I look up to see once again the priest looking directly at me. Awesome. I bend down and say to Shea “please don’t touch Mommies privates”, her response “but I like to it feels nice”. Awesome…. again!


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