100 Days of School


Celebrating the 100th day of school has been a big deal since the kids started at ELCM. Today, the 100th day for Kate was no exception. She had to do a project and put 100 things in a jar making it a little mystery game.
Kate also dressed as she thought 100 year old lady would dress so out the door she went in:
– a blonde curly wig because “Nannie is almost 100 and she makes her hair blonde”
– “it’s curly because it’s Nana Reilly’s hair”
– she wanted make-up but I think I made her look more like Mimi than an old lady (from Drew Carey)
– next she wanted to wear a bra “because old people wear those” and she told me she could just “stuff some things in it” I did draw the line on that one although it would have been funny
– she topped it off with a purse full of random old lady things and an adorable smile!

I hope that she has a fun day with being 100 and has lots of stories to tell when she comes home.


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