Chalk Art

The girls invited the next door neighbor Aidan over to play. He came over hoping to ride scooters but was soon subjected to chalk drawings and bubbles in the chilly 30 degree temperature. Brrr… not enough to work up a sweat with the chalk Aidan kept throwing out new ideas for them. From scooters, to lacrosse, to tag… you name it. He was not getting his way though because there girls were still playing with the chalk and drawing all over the driveway.

Reilly came in the house.

“Mom Kate drew a picture of a person with boobs and she is not playing with Aidan”

Me: “okay, please tell her I said that’s not appropriate”

He went back outside.

He came back in.

“Mom… now she drew a vagina on it and she is ignoring Aidan”

Me: “okay, I’ll be out in a few minutes.”

He went back outside.

He came back in.

“Mom… Aidan went back home and Kate put clothes on her drawing to cover up the boobs and vagina”.

Me: “okay, thank you.”



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