Where’s Fox Mulder?

Betsy Hansen NH
Fox Mulder at Crotched Mountain

We found him at Crotched Mountain this weekend. He was out on the ski mountain in his suit. Odd… yes, quite.

My friend Kristin and I used to collect Barbie dolls, specifically Mitch Buchanaan dolls and we would take him everywhere with us. He would be photographed and shared with everyone around us. Weird??? Indeed it was. However, weird as it was, I took Fox with us skiing this weekend and the kids thought it was a blast. He hung out with us on the chairlift, had some of Shad’s beer, got skied over even though he tried to flag people down and just all around had a good time.

It has been a blast skiing with the kids this year even though the snow has been terrible. It’s been the first year that each of the three kids can ski without our help. We are on the chairlift and we love to ski with them, but it’s so nice to ski next to them (or behind them in some cases) rather than holding them up. Course I say that and Shad has been the one holding them up for the past few years. It’s his quads that have been getting stronger and burning like fire, but hey, we’re one of those “we couples” and this is a perfect example of why! 🙂


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