Nice Nuts!

Betsy Hansen
Nice Nuts

So Shea has a habit of collecting things. Sometimes it’s rocks, sometimes it’s woodchips, and as you can see, sometimes it’s Walnuts. She had every single one of these stuffed in her coat pocket. It had to weigh an additional 7lbs – I’m not sure how she carried it all around. Typically it’s purses in our house that get filled to the brim with random findings from around the house and then get misplaced only to be found again months later with let’s say a lens cap from my camera. But, lately it’s been what she acccumulate at school… I had to photograph this after we empty all her pockets.

This is how the discussion went:

Shea, we don’t need to bring home all these things from school.

Why, Miss Hooper said it was okay if I picked them all up.

Me… thinking… of course, I would encourage all the kids to pick these up too!

We shouldn’t take them home then.

Why, she said it was okay.

Because they are not ours. They belong by the tree they fell from.

Can I take rocks? They are not from a tree.

No, we have rocks here.

Can I take sand?

I kinda gave up after that and changed the subject….


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