What can you teach an old dog?

Ummm… not much. Our dog, who is now 13 – a border collie shepherd mix has become a crabby, demanding, funny, crazy old lady!

  • She stands next to the pantry where the treats are and barks when she wants one.
  • She doesn’t stop until she gets what she gets a treat. 
  • She starts walking toward you when she wants your attention, she doesn’t stop when she gets to you – just goes straight into you. A nice headbutt!
  • She stands at the door and barks until you let her out.
  • She stands on the other side and barks until you let her in.
  • If she doesn’t feel like eating, she hovers over her bowl and barks at you until you pick it up where no other pets can reach it.
  • She barks at sibling dogs when they are doing something wrong as if she is tattling on her.
  • Expecting to go EVERYWHERE in the car with you and being ticked off (no pun intended) when she is not included.
  • Just all around being bossy!

One thought on “What can you teach an old dog?

  1. That’s what makes her the bestest dog! She’s got us all trained and I love everyone of those traits. Except for maybe her barking to come in 30 seconds after she’s outside.

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