Softball… Baseball… Neither

I grew up playing softball. I was entertained by it when I was young and was pretty good at it as I got older. Maybe that’s an overstatement, I was great on the field but pretty much sucked at batting because I would get so nervous that everyone was watching me. Nonetheless, it was an okay sport but I like the action of basketball, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, pretty much everything else over softball. Did I mention J’ai L’ai? Because that might be another… anyway. I’m beginning to reconsider my choice of having the kids skip the tee ball/baseball year or two because they won’t know how to play America’s past time from the foundation level AND more importantly Shad just asked Kate if she could throw a ball over the porch roof. She naturally replied “Yes, I can.” she put the tennis ball in her right hand (note to self, she is left-handed) and she hucked it. She didn’t really let go at the right point in time and it went right into the window, bounced back and nearly hit Shad.

Hunh… perhaps the Purple Sox softball team wasn’t over-rated afterall.


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