Pulled Groin or Concussion?

Reilly came home from soccer with a supposed groin pull. I think he is really hurt, but I’m not sure what it is… he’s limping around and whining/crying about it and pretty much knocking his sisters out of his way as he hobbles by them. After a few minutes, Kate said “how did you get your concussion?”

Which of course made me laugh out loud. Reilly, on the other hand said “KATE, it’s not a concussion, if it was my head would hurt not my privates!!!”

As an aside, I hope for Reilly’s sake it’s not a groin pull. He has his big soccer tournament this weekend- actually the club hosts it and there are 274 teams coming into town. I would feel bad for him if he missed it. He played last year but didn’t “get it”, this year, he actually “gets it”. 

We’ll see…


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