I just need a pair of pliers

Betsy Hansen
Let me get some pliers for your tooth… patience grasshopper.

And I can help you take your tooth out. The offers from the males in the household for Kate tonight were so thoughtful, so helpful yet… so NOT. Reilly’s advice was to just twist it, keep twisting it then push it in towards your throat. Okay…. NO! Shad pulled out a small pocket knife and offered to use that to disconnect it from her gums. Then, they both offered pliers. Wow… so thoughtful. I simply had the “patience grasshopper” approach. BUT, we all know there was MOTY motivation behind that. Something like, oh man, she is going to freak when this actually falls out and I’m going to have to remember to find some money for the toothfairy and come to think of it… I don’t have any which means a trip to the bank.
Thankfully, she looked at me during the “boys” excitement and I said calmly, “it will come out when it’s ready”. Although, it was just moments earlier I shrieked as she twisted it following her brothers sound advice…
Either way, tooth is still there tonight. She even learned how to eat her apple without forfeiting the tooth.


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