Partial Credit

I am giving myself a Mother of the Year nomination today because I actually did something “good”. Or, at least in my book it was pretty good. Reilly was one snack short in his lunch and we were rushing out the door to the bus. We were pretty late and actually had to run to the other stop because we missed our own. He was frazzled, Kate was helping him and so was I but he was upset because he didn’t have enough food. Shea and I hit the grocery store on the way to drop her off and we picked up mini-cupcakes for Reilly. We bought them for the whole class. We dropped him off in the office – I was bummed that I couldn’t see his face. I’m pretty sure he would have been psyched (and then calculated how many leftovers there would be and could he eat all of them) – but hey, that’s a child after my own heart. Either way, I thought that was a pretty cool and spontaneous “Mom” thing to do.

Okay, now you are wondering why I only get partial credit… well, it was because of me he was frazzled and running late. I laid in bed a lot longer than I should have and he got up early, took a shower, pushed snooze for me about four times and lay in bed with me chatting. Had I gotten up, both of us would have been up and he wouldn’t have been in that position. Sooo… you are probably thinking my nomination should be taken away or that it negates itself. I’m picking the bright side and taking the credit.


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