Don’t Pee In Jail

The last two weeks of school is loaded with fun and field trips for the first graders. I have enjoyed talking to Kate after school to hear all about her days. Today was about the tour of the jail and a few things stuck with her:
– did you know they take movies of you all the time in jail even when you go poop?
– did you know you don’t get to wear your own clothes except your socks?
– did you know they don’t give you toilet paper? Now that’s really gross.
– did you know when you are the robber they spray you in the face when they arrest you and you shower when you get to jail to wash it off.
– did you know when you are a kid and you go to jail it’s like an orphanage when you get out? You dont go back to your family.
– I think that would be sad to be in jail and not see my family. I like my family.


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