Betsy Hansen NH
The kids first visit to the ice cream truck.

It was a great trip to Maine. We spent the day watching Shad in his 70.3 race and hanging on the beach. During his run we played mini-golf. Okay, half a game of mini-golf – thankfully the people at the golf place let us come back to finish the final holes after he finished. We didn’t want to miss him at the finish line afterall. Kate and Reilly were waiting for that moment so they could run across with him. Rev3 who puts on the race are awesome about trying to make it a family event. They gave Kate, Reilly and Shad their own finisher medals and announced them all as they crossed the line.

We stayed at the Cassidy’s house – dear friends of the family – the night before the race. It was awesome because we didn’t have to rush and pack we could just chill and enjoy the day after the race was over. Reilly and I took his new boogie board and hit the waves at Moody Beach. We probably played for 2-3 hours trying to ride the waves the longest. It was a blast. So, what better way to end the day? When you hear the chimes of an ice cream truck to run across the street and pick something out! Oh man, they were sooooo excited when they asked me to go and I said yes. Reilly was the big guy with the money and helping the girls order what they wanted. How cute are they?

So, I admired from just down the street (with my camera) how together they seemed… with the horizon of the Atlantic stretching endlessly in the background. It’s the crazy things that bring tears to your eyes. I look at Reilly and the girls and have to pinch myself on how lucky I really am and how fast they are growing up. How time is passing so quickly and the older they get the less hands-on I get to be. They are independent and happy in their independence. It’s weird to see the days slipping where they need me (us) for everything. They are striking out on their own and connecting more with each other to accomplish what they want to. I love it… but it saddens me at the same time.



Betsy Hansen NH
Ice Cream You Scream

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