I Hate Soccer

Betsy Hansen Photography NH
Like siblings only a generation apart.

Shea didn’t play at TOT Soccer tonight. She was a bit weepy and couldn’t get it together to play. Although I was bummed because she did so well the week before, I really just didn’t care and wasn’t going to push the issue.

Later, when everyone was home Reilly asked Shea how soccer was, she replied “I didn’t play.”

Why didn’t you play?

I hate soccer.

GASP… from everyone not named Shea.

What? You can’t hate soccer??? Reilly said.

I do. I hate soccer.

Reilly. Well you are going to have to go to an orphanage.

Shea. No.

Reilly and Kate. Yes, you’re going to have to go unless you say you love soccer. We LOVE soccer Shea.

Shea. No. I hate soccer. I hate soccer. I hate soccer. <note big smirk on face> I hate soccer. I hate soccer.

Mom. Shea, we don’t hate. It’s okay to not be sure if you like it but we don’t hate anything.

Shea. No. I do. I hate soccer.

Shad and I exchanged glances with a “is she serious?” but then let it go. Having both played in college we felt it wasn’t fair to push them into soccer. We take them with us when we play, coach, organize, watch whatever. So… maybe passively we have pushed it on them BUT I’ve made sure we never told them to play. Sooooo…. I’m pretty sure Shea was yanking our train and just trying to run the household as usual but… we’ll see.

I do know one thing… Shea’s not heading to an orphanage for “hating soccer” even though Reilly and Kate tell her she is.

I also know that growing up with my siblings… my brothers told my sister that she was adopted because she was the only one with brown hair. I suspect she believed it for a little while because we all remember it and now it’s funny. So, although I think Reilly and Kate are hilarious doing that… I’ll be sensitive to the years of therapy and trauma my sister had… she’s still not right. 🙂 Sorry Kate, I had to put that.



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