Sad Little Snake

Betsy Hansen Photography NH
Sneaky Snake Didn’t Make It…

We found a snake in the driveway tonight. Usually they are found in the grass, this guy however was slithering over near the basketball hoop. We showed it to the kids Kate screamed then came over to pet him, then screamed then came over. Reilly came over and wanted to pet him as did Shea. We put him back outside but returned him to the grass because it was so cold and the driveway was a dangerous place with the cars/traffic/dogs.

Around 11 when Shad took the dogs out, he was on the edge of the driveway in the rocks. He didn’t look well so Shad brought him in, gave him a shoebox with newspaper in the hopes of keeping him warm. He planned to return him to the grass in the morning.

Unfortunately in the morning the snake had moved on to his next life. He was still in the box. Shea was sure he would come back to life so she waited.

About an hour later Shea reported to me that he was dead. She also shared that she touched him even though he was dead and wondered if that was okay. Yes, I said, it’s okay. She then filled me in telling me that the snake didn’t feel as rough now that he died and that he was smooth. She liked him better smooth than rough.

Can I keep him even though he is dead??

No Shea Shea, it’s probably not a good idea.

But… I want him and I love him and he needs me.

<sniff> Poor guy. Poor lil Shea.


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