13 Years Ago Today

This has been a big year, a lot of change has happened this year. Mostly good… some changes that have forced us to talk through life. It’s so nice though to realize that you are still growing together. Sometimes the path isn’t the same path but you’re still growing as a person. It used to be that Shad and I didn’t buy a gallon of milk without either discussing it or doing it together. Now, with three schedules in addition to our own we have been forced to let go of some of those things and for what was seemingly lonely at first has worked out just fine. I am thankful everyday I have found someone that respects who I am, can listen to my thoughts and work to understand them. I am thankful everyday for the gift of such an awesome, loving husband who some of my friends refer to as a saint. (and I refer to as “eye candy” or “hunk of burning love”) This year has thrown a few tests at us that have made us have to work together to figure out what is the right thing for us and our family versus what is right for things or people outside of our family. I get how over the years I thought my brothers were selfish – I get now that they actually weren’t at all. They were just protecting their family – their immediate family.

I am longing for the once dreaded selling of the house in CA. I can’t wait until that has passed and hope that we don’t lose anymore money than we have the past ten years on the place. I finally have figured out that “it’s okay” to let it go. I may never be settled living anywhere so why do I think that will answer all my problems? It won’t – and frankly the dumb-ass tenant who lived in there a couple years ago totally wrecked it for me even more. Love how tenants have more rights than landlords – but that’s a whole other story. Oh, and can I just say that Christina from Grey’s (or her evil twin) lived in our house for way too long and had the same upkeep as she did. UCK! I’m messy but I’m clean. This tenant took it to a whole new level.

Anyway, I digress. That tenant is what inspired some of the communication growth over the past year or so with Shad and I. Some good… some… well… not so good. Either way, we have been fortunate enough to grow together on that one.

I can’t believe that 13 years ago I was sitting in my parents home with five of my best friends hanging out with me while Shad and his friends were across town. Michelle and I went for a trail run at Sheiling Forest down the street  – much to my Mother’s dismay – to try and get some of my nerves out. I had what I refer to as Steel Magnolia’s come to the house and she did all of our hair. It was a fun, nerve-racking morning. It was overcast and ironically the clouds parted as we left the Church and headed downtown to the reception. My parents were both healthy, my Grandmother and two cousins were still alive and 130 or so people celebrated with us as we became husband and wife.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day then and I couldn’t have asked for a better day today. Okay, well, yah I could. I would have been a little better if I spent less than 18 hours on my computer due to a launch at work today. It could have been slightly better had I gone to bed when Shad did and I wasn’t listening to an awful infomercial in the background as I type BUT I can see the family I have around me and it couldn’t have been better.

I am blessed with my life, my family and most importantly an amazing friend and partner. Here’s to another 13 years for us and a Happy 47th Anniversary to my Mom and Dad. May Shad and I hang in there to make that claim one day!



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