Reilly and Kate have grown closer this year, I think primarily because they are in the same school for the first time and they have exposure to one another’s world. They also talk, about social things, and about school and they walk up from the bus stop together. 

They also seem to take time to play together – (and fight together) – until someone ends up crying. OR at least that’s typically how it ends up.

Reilly just yelled at me from the porch and said “MOOOOOOOMMMMMMM…. Kate bit my shirt!!” I looked at the two of them and said “uh, huh”. Because I reacted so neutrally Reilly looked at Kate and said “GIVE ME YOUR SHIRT… she hesitated… he said GIVE IT TO ME KATE!” and she pulled part of her sleeve toward him. I watched out of the corner of my eye as he bit, chewed and bit some more on the sleeve of her shirt. 

Funny… after that, it was done. Over. They resumed their playing. 


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