Hurricane Sandy

Everything is closed today. No school, even for Shea’s school that NEVER shuts down. People are bracing themselves for the storm – we are filling the bathtubs in case we lose water, making sure we have batteries but other than that we haven’t done much. My Mom decided to bring donuts for the kids. I hear her downstairs talking to them. I hear Reilly fixing all the flashlights. I can sense his adrenaline rush for what might be later today. He’s excited. He’s a little nervous. I think about that and how the kids must feel when school is closed and right now it’s barely raining. My work friends in Baltimore say it’s just hitting them now. My thoughts are interrupted by my Mom’s voice – “you can’t lick ALL the donuts, you just need to pick one. One is for me.” I realize it’s time for me to get back to work and get out of my own thoughts about the next 24 hours.


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