Cleanse the palette

It’s one of those nights where sleeping isn’t coming easily so I want to just write down all the things I am thinking about to sort of cleanse my mind – as I would my palette…
– today is Jack”s birthday. He was my Godson and he would have been 12.
– My Dad goes in for his 3rd back surgery in a year. I am so worried about him. He has been retired for about 18 months and has been in severe pain for about 16 of them. It’s not supposed to be that way.
– I had a mammogram today. Nothing was wrong but I am going to need an MRI. Apparently I have “dense breasts” and my genetics definitely put me at risk.
– my head hurts but I wonder if it’s all in my head. Lol. It’s possible but I did get a “good concussion” playing soccer in my men’s league Thursday night. After getting home my hand and face began to tingle so Shad took me to the urgent care. X-rays of my neck and the CT scan they sent me to the ER for we’re negative so that’s good. Maybe I am too old to play soccer anymore???
– work is busy. There is always more to do. I am never done and I think about my to-do list before I shut my eyes at night. Hmmm maybe that’s part of my current problem.
– John Michael.
– I need to replace my blinds that broke and a front hall closet door. I don’t know how to do the closet. It looks ghetto without the door. No… It iS ghetto.
– I invited friends over this weekend, I need to get my head around that.
– I just found out from the vm that I have a DDS appt tomorrow. I can’t go, I will probably have to pay.
– I have traveled 4 of the last 7 weeks. That’s a lot for Shad and the kids.
– Next week I have Shea’s 5th bDay, dinner with Santa, work meeting and Sara”s 40th bDay party.
-I have to Christmas shop.
– My mom. How can she handle everything changing in her life right now.
– I have to clean for the cleaning people.

Okay I am feeling some cleansing… Probably enough to let my brain snooze for a bit.

Ahhhh, good night.


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