One Month

It’s been one month today since my Dad died. Actually in my opinion one month and one day but legally it’s one month today.

I am beginning to realize that if you are one of those kids that absolutely adore your parents as I do – and I think my siblings do too – and as you walk in the same places (having kids, owning a house, bills, life challenges that you know they had to face too) they did you appreciate every bit about how they raised you even more. Anyway, my thought is when your parents are at the crux of your foundation and are so pivotal to who you are the pain of their passing doesn’t seem to get better but gets worse as the days pass. It’s funny – the paradox in that.

I am a visual person I often remember things based on something I saw – today I will remember with this photo of Shea that I took this morning. A half an hour before I saw my Dad last I showed him some self-portraits of Shea from school – although this is a real-life shot it maps up to the drawing and in it’s true form makes us both smile.



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