California Tea Party

Betsy Hansen NH Photography
Enjoying the afternoon dance in the sun – after the tea.

Kasey has the best play area for the girls in her yard to act like they are at a fancy tea party. And for someone who LOVES to take photos – she has the BEST props too!

When the girls get together with their cousins Ella and Grace – they just have the best time – almost like they see each other once a day.

People often ask me, “how did you get such girlie-girls“? My response after a sarcastic “DUH!” is, I don’t know, but I love it. It’s one more thing for me to admire about the little people (that are getting bigger) that I have been blessed with in my life.

I realized on this trip to CA that I have been missing them so much. With all the travelling that I am doing, that I told myself is ending – but it doesn’t really seem to – I miss hanging out with my peeps – or just sharing space with them.


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