My Menses

How come when I have two menses cycles they seem to be on top of each other? You get rid of one and the next one is already there – or so it seems. I often laugh and refer to periods to reference the passage of time. (which as a side note grosses all of my friends out) My reference point is really about how quickly time goes by. Today, as I think about my Dad dying and how much I really miss him – I want to pick up the phone and call him all the time I realize it hasn’t even been two months and it feels like forever since I got to talk to him.

It sucks losing a parent. I miss my Dad terribly today.

NOTE: My Dad would hate that I referenced missing him to my periods… but, like him, I like to find funny in pretty much everything. That’s my funny for today. NOTE #2: Menses… I think it’s the best word and I LOVE it! I use it often because I feel so “technical” in the medical world when I do. Ha!


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