Being Pretty

I am amazed at 5 that being pretty crosses your mind. Apparently it does. Reilly and Kate shared with me something Shea said to them over the weekend. “At school everyone has prettier clothes than I do and they look prettier.” God love Kate and Reilly on how they responded “You are the prettiest girl we know and the prettiest in your school.” Being quick witted Shea’s response was “you haven’t been to my school in a long time.”

My poor little buddy isn’t sure she is pretty. I inquired, passively, as to her thoughts on the matter… when I didn’t get much of a response I just said “clothes aren’t what make you pretty – what’s inside makes you pretty.”

Not sure I got through to her, as a matter of fact, I’m sure it was too much. But, it hurt my heart that she even thinks such things and I think she’s so beautiful I hope it’s just a passing thought.



One thought on “Being Pretty

  1. I am sooo sad to hear that she feels that bad 😥 I think what Kate & Reilly said could not have been more sincere and spot on. Whenever I see Shea, she brings a smile to my face…she is beautiful inside and out. PS I think going to St. Chris is going to make a world of difference for you all.

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