Stomach Flu… or something

There was a scene during the original Sandlot movie that struck me and is one of those things that I can’t “unsee”. It was the scene where Smalls and all his buddies are chewing tobacco (Smalls for the first time) and then went on the ride at the carnival and proceeded to hurl EVERYWHERE which brings me to today.

I went to have lunch with Kate today since it was her birthday. Reilly’s lunch precedes Kate’s so I caught some of his as well. As soon as I walked through the cafeteria doors I was met by two of Reilly’s buddies, Brandon and Braydon who simultaneously blurted out “Reilly’s in the nurses office, his stomach hurts”. They stood there just smiling so I said “oh well I came to have lunch with you” which horrified the two of them and they ran back to their table and sat down.

I walked back down the hall toward the nurses office to find Reilly walking in my direction, he saw me and began to sob. I didn’t see a sick guy coming toward me I saw a little guy who looked EXHAUSTED and I think from exhaustion one often finds a stomach ache, a headache, or some other ache. I pretty much dismissed his complaint, gave him a hug, and told him the fresh air at recess would be good. (I always hated when my Mom said that to me, so I’m not sure why I said it… come to think of it she told me salt water cures everything too… I digress). He replied that the nurse said the same thing. Hmmmm, perhaps I missed my calling. 🙂 Not.

When Reilly sat back at his lunch table his buddies were all over him – chatting. The lunch lady starts talking to me and out of the corner of my eye I see something… something that doesn’t seem right. As I take a closer look I see a little guy at the table next to Reilly HURLING all over the place. I mean like unchewed bites hurling – no mystery as to what he had eaten all day – it was all coming up and going out. The one saving grace (if there was one since I’m not a very tolerant vomit person) is he stuck his head under the table to let it go. YUCK.

Thankfully lunch was almost over, the bag of sawdust type stuff came out and started doing it’s job. Kate’s class came in shortly after and I got to sit and enjoy a cupcake with Kate and her friend Ava. Soooo cute.

I checked the nurses office when I signed out – Reilly was back – he came home with me.

An hour later the nurse let me know that Kate fell off the monkey bars on the playground and landed on another bar on her “privates“. UGH. She was icing and the nurse said she would be okay. I would have to check on her at home…. 🙂 It was a busy day with the nurse and the Hansens.

I think by the time Kate got home she forgot all about her monkey bar injury, and after Reilly’s 2 hour nap, he forgot (I continually reminded him) that he came home sick.


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