Minivan to Mini Cooper BAM!

Betsy Hansen
Meet Delores!

Talk about being over the moon excited on your birthday! Shad sent me to the moon and back on this one.

I have wanted a Mini Cooper since I turned 16 and saw one on my French Class trip to Paris with Mrs Foster. My Dad would give me a matchbox or remote controlled one or make me buy a raffle ticket to win one but never was the “real thing” that close. I did tell Shad that I WOULD at some point in my life have a Mini but I was NOT waiting till I was 50 and completely in a mid-life crisis.

I spent my birthday working in NYC. On the way home, since I missed the kids going to bed and the NYC Ballet ticket that Kasey and John bought me I decided to go to my soccer playoffs. That’s when things started looking up. I was with a group of people I like and we won our playoffs and the division. That’s fun… even at 44 that’s still fun. Phil, one of the guys on my team proceeded to get about 40 people to sing Happy Birthday to me in the cafe after the game. That’s fun… yup even at 44 I still thought that was kind of fun and very thoughtful. It’s the simple things, you know? As I drove home, excited to see Shad because it kind of stunk being away from him the day after Mother’s Day through my Birthday.

Driving home I called my Mom, since we talk every night, regardless of the hour. As I drove in the driveway I started to say my goodbyes – I opened the garage door and was slightly annoyed to see some stuff in the way of my pulling the van in. Wait, that stuff was a little car… that was a Mini Cooper and I started shrieking in my Mom’s ear. She repeatedly said “WHAAAT?” “HUNH?”… “WHATTTT?” And I said “Shad got me a Mini Cooper I HAVE TO GO!” Out from the side of the garage Shad appeared with one of the biggest smiles I had ever seen! He held up a key for me and said “Happy Birthday! Do you want to take it for a drive?” In awe, I sad YES and took the keys, as I backed this little thing out of the garage I started reeling around where I would go. Shad couldn’t go with me since the kids were asleep… hmmmm… Molly’s??? I just left her and Shad said she knew about my little car. My Moms! I would go to my Mom’s and take her for a ride. Perfect.

I said “I am going to go to my Mom’s and take her for a ride”. In hindsight, that was pretty mean as I didn’t share the excitement more than 30 seconds with Shad who had to put together a LOT of pieces to surprise me and make it legal for me to drive. But… I did head to my Mom’s, picked her up and then we went to see my Dad. I drove in the cemetery … radio blaring …  pulled right up next to him and said “LOOK DAD!!!!” I think she thought I was nuts but it was just so perfect – or as perfect as things can be without him here. He would have loved this and how excited I was. Heck, probably would have helped Shad pull it off. He was a huge fan of stuff like this – and surprises!

It was just perfect. Everything about the night ended perfect. I came home from my ride and climbed into bed with a smile on my face and thanked Shad. How blessed am I? I am still smiling.


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