Look at the Sky

I have always made the kids “stop and smell the roses” on one awesome thing that Mother Nature brings us. The sky… Most often cloudy twilight skies. I have been doing it since Reilly could pretty much walk.

No matter what the kids are doing at the time, if I think it’s remarkable, even for a small reason, I make them stop what they are doing and just take it in. What that means is we stand or sit on the front steps unknowingly take a couple deep breaths and just quietly watch it change. Sometimes it’s only a minute and other nights it’s an argument to go back in.

Well, tonight was an breakthrough moment for me. I got out of soccer at about 9:40pm. I looked at my phone as I was getting into “Lola” and there was a text from Kate which said “go look at the sky” with a photo from her iPod.

I have to say it took my breath away that she did that. I feel like she will forever look a great sky and think that WE do that. I love it!!! And clearly admire that she took the time. It makes me so happy and to top it off she was right. It was a beautiful night.



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