Gum in My Hair

Reilly has had almost a full year of chewing gum. He is not the most responsible gum chewer and I’m starting to realize that. Perhaps my “when you’re 10 strategy” wasn’t the best for this reason.

I have found full sticks of gum in the dryer, chewed gum on the edge of a dinner plate, unwrapped gum in the compactor and wrappers galore around the house.

Sometimes I see him on the couch pulling it out of his mouth and twisting it around. My Dad would scream at me when I did that kind of stuff… so, I in turn do the same. Unfortunately this one time, I was too late. He was laying down and it dropped out… into his hair… and he tried to get it which made it worse.

I recall the day my Mom took scissors to my hair when it looked the same way. I think she intentionally took a little extra off hoping I would learn a lesson. I may have taken just a little extra off as well – but I don’t think he cared. Made me wonder if I cared back then. ?

We have limited the amount of gum he has… a piece here or there but no more packs floating around, at least for now.

All that being said, I love chewing my gum so I’m not sure my little bubble gum buddy will be off the wagon for too long. 🙂

Betsy Hansen NH
That’s what happens when you play with gum!


One thought on “Gum in My Hair

  1. Awww Reilly! Been there…

    If they get silly putty on their hair put white vinegar in their hair, it will dissolve it. Just don’t get scissor happy 🙂

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