Human Fish

Betsy Hansen NH
Rye Guy swimming in the free relay.
I have a couple of them… interestingly enough, neither Shad nor I were competitive swimmers but the kids are totally drawn to it. We only do the town summer team competitively and in the winter they swim, but don’t compete, with the Seawolves.

Shea tells everyone she is on the team, but she doesn’t quite make it across the pool unassisted. So, she’s not quite there yet.

Reilly, I’m wondering if this is his calling. He seems to be motivated to swim, better his time, and compete in the pool. It’s different than how he is with other sports. I took this photograph of him this past weekend – there is something about it that makes me feel stressed, and motivated for him to get to the end of the pool and inspired that he can be so driven to get there…fast!


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