Coming of Age

I was pretty excited to celebrate Reilly’s birthday at Ossipee with our family. Although I was sad for him that Owen and/or Papa John wasn’t with him (it was actually the first time John has ever missed his b’day which was a total drag) but, it was a pretty special day anyway.

We celebrated his birthday. Mikes graduation and Nannie’s birthday. We should have been celebrating Jeff and Any’s anniversary too – an oversight on my part. Either way though it was an awesome family day.

The coolest part of the day was Reilly getting up on waterskis for the first time ever. He did it on his third try and I could not have been more proud.

In addition, there are so many things in our lives that I find myself on the sidelines for – coaching the kids, doing homework, cooking, tubing, hiking, etc and this particular one I was in the water giving direction and support- that was worth more than any other Reilly moment. Man I think I was as excited as he was…. He did awesome..



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