Earth to Mom

Okay, so, you know it’s bad when….
No no no… You know you’re too busy when….
Nah… You know you need to spend more time with the kids when…
Hmmm, nope…. Desperate times call for desperate measures when…

Okay I’m just spitting it out. I just got a promotion at work and part of my new title is director of communications which is a big ironic because in December when my Dad passed away I was give the same title with my Mom and siblings. We all have our roles but interestingly enough as my primary role in my own little family I feel like I’m coming up short. Nooooo… How? That’s what you are asking yourself right now. Well, your kids are often proof of your truths… See for yourself.


I didn’t answer. I should remove it. Hmmmm… Anyone???


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