Mirror Mirror

Kate would NOT do anything I asked her to do. harumph. She would agree to do it, but then an hour later, it was still not done. She has a tendency to spend that time changing outfits or hairstyles instead of doing her jobs. harumph number two. We have tried giving allowances to incent them, we have tried taking things away to show her (them) that it matters. Actually they have been without ipods for more than 6 weeks because they spend too much time fighting with one another. I have to say… the limited screen time has been AWESOME – I feel bad, a little, depriving them of their Minecraft and other games (some educational) that they love to play but… I guess not that bad because they are still in the closet.

Tonight I finally found something that made Kate respond. I took away her full length mirror. She uses it constantly. She and Shea do duo’s, they style each others hair, they look at how they are dressed and change another forty-two times or so, and sometimes I see them just making faces at themselves like they are the only ones in the world. I totally remember doing that and I have to say, it’s just plain fun.

It’s been out of her room for about 3 hours and she should be asleep right now. She’s not. She’s sobbing. She wants her mirror back. It’s not fair to her that we took it. She doesn’t see the correlation. She is trying to negotiate with Shad to get it back. She’s beside herself. I feel bad. I kinda laugh a little, but, I feel bad. I don’t like when Kate’s upset and she’s got herself so worked up she can’t stop. harumph number three. On principle it’s definitely not going back tonight. My parents would have “walloped” me for carrying on the way she is now. I just feel bad. I have to stay away because it also makes me mad.

She just told Shad, I get up and I look in the mirror. I get ready for school and I look in the mirror. I brush my hair and I look in the mirror. What am I going to do now? harumph number four.

I should note it’s the ONLY full length mirror in the house. I should also note that I won’t be surprised to find her on the floor in my room in the morning so she can be closer to it. I would also not be surprised if her kahunas are so large, or her strong-mindedness goes in and moves it back when we are not there.

We’ll see. harumph number five. 


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