Mother of the Year

20140112-151720.jpg This is why I claimed my Mother of the Year … Again on the very first day of 2014. We ran the Temple Peanut Butter Chip Chase 5k which has become a tradition for our family. Shea still has a spot in the jogger with Shad, Kate would walk/run with me and Reilly is good on his own or with his friends. Kate and I went and about 1/2 way in she started to complain of the cold. For the last 1/2 my job was to motivate her to finish. Walk… Run… Whatever but I’m feeling bad because she’s so cold but no matter what we have 1.5 miles to go.

We finish after a few tears but a lot more determination. Her cheeks are red, real red and oddly very warm to the touch. We ask a doctor friend to take a peek… Frostbite. Nice.

And you wonder why I’m mother of the year. And to add to her frostbite, the polar vortex and my successive self appointed title I took her skiing with tow face masks/neck-ups.

Hoping for cell re growth.


One thought on “Mother of the Year

  1. Frost bite, that’s nothing. My son, Ethan, broke his sternum and until it started to heal in a completely deformed way I had no idea. And then there is Neve’s Asthma story. I am so mother of the year.

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