Sugar Ants Suck

Supposedly they don’t even like sugar. When they come, they bring all their friends and I clean them up and they just keep coming back. I learned in the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” that Windex solves ALL problems so…. I spray Windex on them and they die on contact. Shad, he hates the Windex and has some all natural cleaners – they don’t seem to be affected by that at all unless you drown them – so I stick to my solution. (okay, when he’s not home) Even when I clean them all and I can’t even find a trace of another, I feel like they are still crawling on my skin. It makes me want to shower, and we all know what a feat that is! 🙂 So, aside from being completely annoying and making me itchy why else do they bug me? Let me show you a photo of the treat I just had.

Betsy Hansen NH
They DO Like Sugar. Way to ruin my lollipop!

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