Fat Momma

Originally posted on another one of my blogs by accident so I’ll backdate to August when it happened… whoops! 🙂
I always think I’m larger than I should be or want to be. My house is very free when it comes from heading out of the shower to finding your clothes. I have been asked a number of times over the years if I’m “having another baby because it looks like ones in there” to the statement mom is plump – we shouldn’t say fat because that’s a mean word to just this morning when my little friend Shea crawled into bed next to me, rested her head across my body and said “you are as soft as a pillow”. Only to correct herself a moment later saying “actually, no, you are softer than a pillow”. She then rolled over, thinking about her recent compliment and said “can you help me with my hair, it’s a mess.”



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