First Grade Stress

Shea has a teacher this year that is the polar opposite of anyone she has had to date. Last year she had a very nurturing, loving environment that was very patient and accommodating with the different markers the children had. This year, she’s in the big leagues. First grade. We have run into some major detours or roadblocks so far this year. It makes me question whether she is in the right setting or not. I guess I’m not a fan of a six-year-old being made an example of in front of her classmates, especially for something her mother did. (that would be me)

Shea is a pretty easy-going kid. She’s a very good kid. She knows how to read and write and do more than the basic things a first grader should know. She does not like being embarrassed or getting in trouble. Both of these things have happened already this year. The former resulted in the latter.

I am wondering if I pull her from this class and put her in with the other teacher who is known to be so much nicer or do we tough it out with this tough-love teacher? Have to note that the Toughlove teacher kids learn to love. And over time I think people like having that as first grade because all the other grades end up being so much easier as a result. Either way it’s breaking my heart to see her so upset.

Perhaps it’s the third child and my baby that makes me have pause. I do not see why I want to dedicate this energy to this teacher nor do I want to spend all this money on private school as well as the time commitment, and have her miserable. It does not seem worth it to me.

After many tears this morning when I actually walked her into class for the first time in my life at the school I wondered whether the tears were more for me or for her.

As you can see from this picture I am coping until she gets home from school. I am really hoping today was a better day for her than it was for me.


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