Tonight Kate’s rec league basketball team did something that I suspect she will remember for a long time. They were undefeated this season. Because there is not a big pool of girls playing in Milford there were two teams for our town and they played against the surrounding towns.

I love how Kate goes with the flow. She was not ruffled about not being in school with any of these girls and being one of the, if not the youngest on the team. She was as happy as could be to be playing with these girls. Her coaches were great.

Being undefeated is one of those things that you can go your whole athletic career and never experience — I’m psyched for her that she has this story, it’s just plain fun.

Sadly, even to this day Shad and I love to recall our sports experiences and share them with the kids. I’m confident the stories and memories are often better than the reality. I played an undefeated season, I was a older than Kate by a grade or so. I recall constantly asking the coach if I could go in — being a coach now that drives me nuts– I’m sure I was twice as annoying because I was one of the weaker players. After all the reality I recall is of that team six of those girls if not more went on to play in college, mostly D1.

So… Kate, congrats! Enjoy this season and these girls because this may be your story that you share with your kids one day. Tomorrow night you are the 1/2 time show at the girls Varsity game, have fun! Go Team Shock!





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