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Shad had to work on Saturday morning so I was working on my “I admire any single parent” skills. Our schedule was nuts, I can’t imagine tackling this stuff alone, thankfully I typically don’t have to!
8:30. Kate basketball game
9:50. Kate basketball game
11:40 Reilly basketball game (Milford)
1:00 Coach girls futsal team (Nashua)
2:00. Coach second game
4:30. Kate futsal game (Manchester)
5:30. Coach Reilly futsal game
6:30. Coach Reilly futsal game

Holy cow… Shad waS with me from 12:30 on… But still.

INTi vs HFC – good buds and outdoor teammates!



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Okay, so, you know it’s bad when….
No no no… You know you’re too busy when….
Nah… You know you need to spend more time with the kids when…
Hmmm, nope…. Desperate times call for desperate measures when…

Okay I’m just spitting it out. I just got a promotion at work and part of my new title is director of communications which is a big ironic because in December when my Dad passed away I was give the same title with my Mom and siblings. We all have our roles but interestingly enough as my primary role in my own little family I feel like I’m coming up short. Nooooo… How? That’s what you are asking yourself right now. Well, your kids are often proof of your truths… See for yourself.


I didn’t answer. I should remove it. Hmmmm… Anyone???

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Shea is my Fashionista. She has the uncanny ability to coordinate an outfit that most people couldn’t dream of. Or maybe outfits they wouldn’t dream of. 🙂 This series, is one of my favorite, not because of the photography but because of the story it tells. She is an amazing, charismatic, expressive little girl who is going to have an impact on this world.


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Betsy Hansen NH Photography

My Amazing Rye-Guy

As I drove to soccer today, on the 40 minute drive, Reilly and I have plenty of time to catch up. I should back up and say, we weren’t supposed to be going to soccer today, I was supposed to be on a flight to Denver at this exact time – but that’s another story for another day. And although it doesn’t make sense, I’ll throw it in anyway – there was a tornado in Adairsville and I was in Alpharetta yesterday. I’m thankful not today.

I believe since October I have been out for about 30 work days – most for work but a few for fun and a handful for when my Dad died – which felt so strange to type. I have been away A LOT for me, more than I have traveled in years – since I was about 25 and sans children and a husband and a mortgage (or 2). Anwyay,  I digress… about my chat with Reilly. He said “I know you have a lot of work and a lot of meetings. We have been with Dad a lot lately and not a lot with you. You have been gone so much and we really miss you. We like Dad but we miss you.” He said it very matter of fact then went on to say “Kate woke up this morning and ran into my room, she poked me and said “Reilly it’s late and no one woke us up” he looked at the clock and in a very me way told her to go back to bed. (LOL) She went into my room and found me sleeping there (I arrived home from Atlanta well after midnight and unexpected) she pounced on me and said MOM! Smiled. Kissed me and left the room. Reilly shared that she had run into his room and said “Mom is home!!!” (that felt good, but bad all at that same time) She came back in and said “it’s late” and I told her there was a 2 hour delay due to the ice. She climbed into bed with me but left again shortly thereafter to get ready for school.

Reilly told me that they like to have me around and would like it if I was around more because when it’s not Dad and me, it’s just not the same.

I thought it was awesome that he expressed himself so well. I thought it was incredible that he was presenting the view of all the kids – almost as though they had talked about it… which, they may have. I wasn’t totally sure what to do with it as I know I have some travel on the horizon, but not nearly as much. I told him that I appreciated him sharing all of that with me and I explained why I go away and what it means to my job and sometimes to me. I told him that I didn’t like leaving but in some ways it helps us as a family because it helps me do my job better.

He’s an amazing kid, as he replied by saying “I know, and we like it when you are here.” “It’s okay, that you have to go away… we just like it better when you are home.” I’m so impressed by him. He is a boy of amazing insight and intelligence. He has perspective and intuition at such a young age and in so many ways… he just gets things that it took me decades to figure out.

I love you Reilly Hansen!

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Under the Bus

I admire good public speakers. I don’t know too many of them but I do work with one that I think is an amazing speaker – in a storytelling way. I recently said, wow, I think you are a great speaker. He asked me “Why, what makes you feel that way.”. “You have pace, you have tone, you have amazing word choice and analogies, you identify with anyone you are talking to and you make it comfortable.”

An excerpt from his response goes something like this “Thank you for saying that, coming from you that is a huge compliment. With that situation (referring to our most recent meeting) it’s important to not let the people feel like they are under the bus – with deadlines, deliverables, etc. It’s more important to pick them up from under the bus and show them the seat they have on the bus and how important that is to the ride we are on right now.”

Another creative, thoughtful, identifying way to think about who he was talking to (me) and how I should process the way he had just addressed the others in our meeting. I rest my case.

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