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First Day of School 2012

The kids are ready to go to school and Shea is in her “bus stop attire”. I passed a woman at her mailbox the other day while I was driving. I’m pretty sure she had the same robe on and curlers instead of a headband.

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First Communion

Reilly made his first Communion on May 14. He was pretty excited to have so many folks from the family with him on this special day. The way Saint Patrick’s did it was to split up all the kids and it ran for several weeks during a regular mass. Reilly was one of eight kids. About 1/2 way through the Mass he turned to me and said “I’m scared”. I said, “of what?” “I don’t want to taste the wine.”

Ten minutes later it was over. He had eaten the bread and tasted the wine. He said “that bread isn’t very good, it will take getting used to and the wine is weird.” Well, whether your eight or eighty I think you’d say the same thing after receiving.

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