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One of the best things I ever did was asked my friend Greg who is an amazing photographer to shoot Shea’s graduation. It was a day I wanted to just sit, take it all in, and enjoy. Since my passion is documenting our lives I knew there was something to be missed if I didn’t immerse myself in this 90 minute celebration. What we were going to celebrate in 90 minutes was more than Shea’s graduation to me. It marked 8 years of private care for the kids from what has become an extension of our family. They have cared so much about our kids over the years from broken legs and going to pre-k with a walker to hanging out with Reilly for an extra couple hours as we made our way back into town from the birthing center at Southern with Kate in some freak April snowstorm to four years of Shea and Mrs Erb who endured a constant show and tell. On top of that I created the school web site and tried to extend my tech marketing background on this little school and I was allowed the creative license of my photography. It was a great almost-decade for my whole family. And although I thought it would be sad to hear the goodbye song that night for the third and final time, the reminder that they are “just kids” by a few of those graduating that night kept the whole thing grounded for me. Seeing all my photography on the fence to my baby waving hi and proudly wearing her hand-painted graduation cap made it as special – for both of us, maybe even all of us, as I could ever ask for. Congratulations Shea-Shea you were awesome!

Thank you Greg, I owe you one!

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Shea is going to be going to preschool this fall. Being the youngest I think I could stick her in junior high and she would socially adapt. Does she know her letters and numbers… nah, but heck she’s bossy and opinionated, knows what she wants and loves to color – so why wouldn’t she fit in?

We headed over to her open house today at ELCM (the web site that I manage) with Reilly and Kate who have all attended this school. They had a lot of advice for her and the most notable piece came from Reilly. “ahhh, Shea I don’t want you to panic or get scared but I have to tell you something about the three year old room that’s going to make you nervous (I cringed at the thought of what was coming out of his mouth. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw Shea sitting up big and tall in her car seat with her five point harness and her Cinderella gown -still my baby – and Kate and Reilly larger than life and looking SO old in their booster seats. It was a vision that is stuck in my head b/c they are growing up SO fast it’s scary). The three year old room Shea is in the downstairs and it definitely has the loudest fire alarm.” Kate piped in “Oh, yah, it is definitely really loud and it will scare you when it goes off.”

I looked in the rearview mirror again watching Shea try to process the information – I think it was lost on her and she probably heard “Shea blah blah blah blah scared blah blah blah blah loud.”

Once she saw the play-doh and met her teacher she moved right in. I think it’s going to be perfect for her. What a blessing to have her just downstairs every day of her life. Working from home is great b/c I can hear all the goings on and I can hear how their day is going even though I’m not actually there. I just feel like I know the kids better because of that. Having not worked in an office full time for about seven years has been trying at times but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m blessed in that regard.

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Taking a dive in the pool.

Having fun at summer camp.

Kate doesn’t really understand that she’s not in school anymore. Her summer camp is in the same place as school. ELCM. She’s been playing and playing and playing while she’s there hence the tears about things like the color of the sky and the growth of the grass. 🙂 I visited her school to take some photos today for the web site and she was attached to me like never before. I can tell she’s pooped, usually she has little to do with me when I’m there.

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So… I just launched this site/blog for Reilly’s school, the Early Learning Center of Milford. I used wordpress to do it and was psyched at the flexibility in the template we selected. It’s super cool, if you get a chance, check it out, and let me know what you think.


It is so relevant for the school to be online as the scope of Kindergarten is changing in Milford. The town is going to introduce/offer Kindergarten to the public next year, and if you have been reading my blog you know that I think that not having public kindergarten is mind-boggling. Anyway, I’m happy to see that ELCM is going to offer a full day program – it will continue to give the kids a solid foundation for when they move into the elementary school. Public is going to be a TOUGH thing for at least a few years (I would imagine) it will be interesting to watch…

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