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Betsy Hansen - NH

Am I just a barn and a bike?

Betsy Hansen - NH

Hmmmm... am I interesting?

I was driving home from Keene last week with the kids and I drove by this barn with the rusted old bike. Seriously, it was JUST as you see it here… I had great visions of what this photograph could be, but perhaps it was too perfect and felt too staged to become what I wanted. I kept driving only to find myself turning around to try and make it into the perfect thing.

After dealing with the New Hampshire Inquisition from the kids for turning around we headed back the couple of miles so I could take “the shot”. It’s not really working for me. I want it to, which is why I’m posting it here.

I have tried two different things but I’m not wild about either.

Please let me know if you have any ideas.

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Mudhen Photography

Family Portrait

Megan was out this past week and we went on many a photography stroll in the 48 hours we had together. One of the trips the whole family joined us. We got some great shots. Funny thing was since we were all together I asked Meg to take a family shot of us. We got a couple, one that was pretty good of everyone but then this one that was probably more us. Thanks Meg, I finally got a few shots that I’m part of. The kids will surely know that I was here the whole time… or they had a super cute stand-in for a Mom!

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