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Betsy Hansen - NH

Kate's helping with the grocery shopping.

Kate LOVES to write. She loves to draw and she loves to write. She wants to take your dinner order, write your address, make an envelope so she can write you a letter, or just plain make a grocery list. She loves the idea that she is going to have a spelling test this week – although studying for it isn’t nearly as cool as the concept. At a recent book fair at school all Kate really wanted was the diary with a lock. I’m not sure she knows that is a book for personal deep thoughts – she uses it as a book of lists and locks it at night.

I love to see the way she sounds out the words and spells them – check out the latest grocery list.

Another cool thing about her diary is she wants me to read it! Should the future only be so open. Open source that is! Her proudest entry (aside from the grocery list) was a couple pages deeper into the book, it was inspired from her most recent bus ride from school:  Kate and Kameron Sitting in a Tree…. oh boy, was I really that young when that began??


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This week New Hampshire celebrates Reading with the Read Across America NEA project. Reilly asked me to read in his classroom which I did today. I needed to bring Shea since she and I pal around. Reilly and his teacher had two little chairs set up and one big chair. He introduced us to his classmates. I was Mrs Hansen and Shea was his buddy sister.

Since he seemed to be hearing a lot of Dr Suess books this week, he and I picked out our favorite books from our shelves to read to his classmates. I picked ish and he picked Frog and Toad. They are both fun books. The kids seemed to really like the ish book and it’s one of my favorites – that made it fun. 

After I finished reading and the class was transitioning back to their desks a little girl came up to me and said

Hi Mrs Hansen, can I tell you a secret? 


(girl comes up close and whispers to me with her lips touching my ear) I am in love with Reilly so much.

Ohhhhhhhh, that’s nice. What’s your name? (giggling on the inside)

Okay, keep that a secret okay?

On the way out the teacher and I discussed the conversation and she let me know that many of the girls in the class feel that way. She then asked Reilly which girl was he holding hands with recently in class. (she had to separate the two of them) He just shrugged it off and said a bothered “I don’t know.”

It was a totally cute moment to me and it made me appreciate going into his classroom and engaging with his classmates.

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First Grade: DYK

Having been away from elementary school for …. well…. ummm… for so long, there are many things I clearly have forgotten or have… let’s just say “changed” over the years. Now that I have someone to help me understand, I thought I would share with all of you, so you too can understand. I’m going to call this type of blog entry:

First Grade: DYK?

If I lose a tooth at school and bring it to the nurse, she will give me a special little box to put my tooth in to keep it safe. The little box is in the shape of a tooth. She is not the tooth fairy though.

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